Friday, January 28, 2011

Ice Cream Hater!!!

My son hates ice cream! Is this not the saddest phrase ever? He does not like it for a very simple and considering his age, I suppose to be a legitimate reason, because it is cold! Well you would think that “duh” it’s supposed to be. But at almost 3 my son is still stuck on food being at the perfect temperature of slightly warmer than room temp. I would think he would have grown out of this by now since he has a palate that allows me to fix almost anything. For him, nothing beats green beans cooled off. By now, seems he should understand and enjoy just how good certain foods can be when they are just cooler than hot.

Tonight we had our “Mommy and Me” time which consists of a special dinner we make together (chicken thighs, green beans and French fries were on the menu). It is always on an evening when our husband/Papa is at an away game so we are just one on one. We cook, we play and we get to stay up later than usual, well not that much later. Plus there is Mommy’s favorite part of the meal, dessert, and normally a treat we don’t eat very often. Ice cream sundaes were added to the menu, as today while grocery shopping I found chocolate sauce resembling Hershey’s for the first time. Just to confirm it tastes just as close as it resembles it. To go back to my introduction, my son hates ice cream. He was so excited to be able to squeeze some chocolate sauce on his scoop of vanilla. He scarfed the chocolate right off then pushed the dish to the side and said, “all done”! This has got to be, I don’t know, the 20th time he has had ice cream, same story each time, one bite and then done. As an extreme ice cream lover, this is painful news for me and as it has taken me 20 times of him rejecting it to accept the fact he just isn’t in to it! My excuses for eating ice cream have just gotten slightly phonier.

I am going to try to blog more often now, but probably won’t be as often as before. I prefer to write when the inspiration and motivation hits me, like tonight with the ice cream!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Blog Comeback

A blogging comeback is on its way...expect it next week sometime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!