Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pox Pox Go Away

Wow, I am finally back, sorry for being MIA for the last week. Life has been, well, very busy and time consuming you could say between incessant invitations and a death in the family. Plus to my added fatigue of Halloween a little boy who came down with the chicken pox. This is one of my worst childhood memories, probably since I had it when I was 11 and able to remember every single detail. The itchy, painful bursting pox, the smell of Calamine lotion and the oatmeal baths, have got to be the most horrible way to pass a week. So far, as of last count before his nap, he had about 65 poxes. The poor guy is a trooper, they are spreading like wild fire and are probably going to hurt like heck when they burst since they are no longer the tiny things they were yesterday. So tonight he is going to experience the cloudy depths of an oatmeal bath. The oatmeal bath mix, being homemade, since I have never seen or heard of it in France. Which I had assumed was more complicated then just throwing a couple of cups of oats in the blender to make it into a powder! I hope this cloudy bath will not scare him to death, as he doesn’t enjoy new things like this. At least since I am sequestered at home this week I will have, hopefully, plenty of time to prepare for some very anticipated visitors arriving next week! Although if only I don’t sprain my back or have one of my arms fall off since all he says is “up Mommy up”.

Now to change the subject of this post, a quick little brag section about my son. I am required since I was so surprised to find what I did. The other day we went into town to pick up a preschool activity book with dry erase pages I had ordered for him at a local bookstore. On the drive home he was able to unwrap the pen from its cellophane packaging and start doodling while in his car seat. Later that night when he was finally cozy in his bed fast asleep I was running around picking up the remnants of the day and started looking through his book to see what he had done or had scribbled on and to my amazement this is what I found:

I find this to be amazing that my son was able to do this at his age, the eyes, nose and mouth are all in the correct places on the face, plus they are all in the right proportion to each other (except maybe the right eye). Perhaps, since I am his mother, I believe that this little farmer has the artistic eye or at least a very keen sense of observation and analysis.  

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