Monday, October 25, 2010

French Fry Hat

The other day while driving home from daycare my son said the funniest thing to me: “Mommy I am wearing my French Fry hat!” (Well not exactly in all those words, but in his language this is what he communicated.) I was dumb founded for a few seconds because I was trying to analyze the relation to French Fries (a favorite food) and his winter hat. Then –ding- the light went on, his hat has a bunch of tassels on top, which an imagination could think of as skinny French Fries I guess. After a laugh out loud I wondered where or who had told him this. I asked around me, the usual suspects who have the tendency to influence my son, but no one seemed to know what I was talking about, even though a couple of them wish they had come up with it. So this one is 100% a clever 2 ½ year old comment! I was so proud to see that my son’s imagination is working great and obviously developing well. Till now I have only observed him laying his stuffed animals out, covering them with a blanket and instructing them to do “dodo” (go to sleep) in a tone which seemed to be mimicking me when he tries to fight the sandman’s arrival. Since that day, he has asked to wear his “French Fry hat” everyday. Yet it hasn’t been necessary till this morning since the wind gusts outside on this sunny but freezing day are making the temperature probably not much more than 35°F. Thank goodness we are fully equipped for this colder than normal Fall time with a French Fry hat. 

Voila the famous French Fry Hat!!!!

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