Monday, October 18, 2010


A picture is worth a thousand words goes the common saying…

My Guinea Fowl was a success!!! For all the amateur chef anxiety I had about trying to cook this strange bird it was a relative easy feat to accomplish. I found it almost easier than a chicken, since the meat is less dense. I followed the recipe, step by step, till the grand finale of the “flambé.” The meat pieces nice and hot in the pan, the 80 proof Calvados lit up quicker than expected, enough to make my camera girl jump back but in time for no missing eyebrows.  The flames, seen above in the picture, shot up a good three feet. The best part of this was the smell, the aroma of, let’s say, burned alcohol caramelized on meat, makes your mouth water. Besides the new cooking technique mastered the first Fall meal seem to make everyone happy and not just us adults. My son and our friend’s daughter have known each other since birth. They are finally reaching the age of becoming one of each others first good friends. The excitement on my son’s face when I told him they were coming for lunch was pure joy. He waited patiently all morning long until I heard a car drive up and confirmed it was them. He ran to the front door and started yelling his little friend’s name.  It is so funny to watch them play, somewhat, together or at least next to each other while they are not screaming because the other took the toy they were playing with or they just have to have that toy the other is playing with. Like for all first time parents, time flies and you don’t realize it until you have a moment when you really notice your kid is getting to the next step, this for me being hello little boy goodbye toddler. My son has a friend, someone I think he cares about, because his gestures (as much as 2 ½ year old can) shows it. Once she fell while running around the corner to go down the hallway. Obviously crying pursued, my son being very concerned for her, he went to go find her “doudou.” This is what the French call kid’s cuddly toy, like a teddy bear or a blanket. She saw him running to her with her found doudou and instantly stopped crying and wanted down from her Dad’s arms. Real friendships are precious, at any age!

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