Monday, September 13, 2010


Since September 1st I am slowly discovering just how smart little toddlers are, not that I ever really doubted them. Mine, who is now an active participant in a local public day care a few days a week, the reason for why I let the idea of a blog even enter my mind. This change has been a rather big one for both of us, since his birth we have been a team, me and him, him and me, all the time everywhere we go. SO this change has brought out some new traits in this little boy I love more than life it self (and am missing at his very second). Until now he has been an angel, lacking a more appropriate adjective, but in the simplest terms he is making me pay for wanting a little “me time”. Don’t get me wrong, I knew it was coming and the angel effect wouldn’t last forever, that was a given, but this flat out defiance of what I am asking or needing is a tough one (whether it is to not touch the knife on the counter or a hug in the morning). Indifference in a 2 year old, is hard on the emotions!

So to distract both of us this weekend we went to a local event with booths of all the local clubs for a least 40 or more sports. Thinking this would be a convivial activity for everyone, parents and kids alike. But to my surprise it was an incredibly annoying couple of hours and not because of a defiant 2 year old. Ok, normally I don’t want to start off so soon in the French bashing…but once again I was just shocked at how brazen the French really are even with kids. We patiently were waiting in line so that my guy could do the baby gymnastic course that was set up (which I have already signed him up for) and once again French people just cut in line. They have no shame about it, I don’t know about you, but being an American I instantly feel guilty if I even think of doing it, and to do it to a kid, unthinkable. So a few mean glares later, after almost a decade I still haven’t told a French person that I was in front of them, we finally made it to the front of the line, took our shoes off and did the course. We had the same experience at more than just that booth, and we weren’t even in line to try the sport, just to watch. Is it really that hard for the French to see another human being standing there with a little kid and obviously the little kid trying to see what is going on behind that roped off area. So you will most likely read it more than a few times that I hate the fact that the French cut.

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