Friday, September 24, 2010

Home Cookin'

Not long ago I had the extremely unnerving experience of getting out of the shower and finding my 2 ½ year old putting his kitchen set pots and pans on my stove top and in my oven. At least he hadn’t tried to turn the nobs, which he is totally capable of doing. I understand why he was doing it; he is my sous-chef, always right there at the counter with his stool as soon as I even look toward the kitchen. So naturally he wanted to cook, just like Mommy, the yum yum he was stirring up. To his surprise, I didn’t get mad or even yell out of fright, I just calming went over to the stove and took the pots and pans off and out of the oven and told him that is Mommy’s oven and that he shouldn’t be touching it, because as I repeat probably 100 times each time we cook near it, it’s hot! So that afternoon I accomplished one thing that wasn’t on my list to get done that day, a kid size oven. The crafter in me came out in full swing, diaper box, butcher paper, construction paper, wine cork, brads, etc… Plus who would have thought I just happen to have all these items on hand. When I was done, I was actually pretty impressed with my spur of the moment creation. Plus if you could have seen the look on the little guy’s face when he saw it, total happiness. That night my husband checking out my handy work said to me, why don’t you just make all his toys what is the point to buy them! A laugh came out. That oven took me over 2 hours. I’d like to see him “create” one of his toys and then we will talk about purchasing toys!!! Although my husband definitely had a point somewhere in there, I think my son has played more with that since I made it then almost any other toy he has received otherwise. Nothing is better than something homemade, whatever it may be!!!


  1. Does he have little pots and pans? And little fake food?

  2. HAHA yes he does for both! his favorite is to bake a hot dog!