Friday, September 17, 2010

Don't forget the laundry...

Last night we had friends over for a casual dinner, a weekly one at that, and they mentioned that I had yet to blog about my husband. Well, ok but I have just started and I didn’t want to start my Mommy Blog with French or husband bashing…haha! No bashing today or at least not to much. My husband considers himself to be a very logical and clever guy, which he informs me of regularly and not necessarily in a bad way. Although I don’t agree with this lately, since he is a basketball coach and doesn’t have the regular facilites of gym for the moment he is required to bring home all his teenage boy’s jerseys to wash them for the next game. Have you even smelt 12 sweat soaked been in a bag since last night jerseys. Well I have and I will tell you, I honestly don’t know what is worse, getting puked on or smelling and then having to touch those suckers. I know sweaty stuff can be disgusting especially when left in a bag overnight, which my husband did very often when he was still playing basketball. Why is it so hard to remember to take them out? Why is it hard to remember them in the dryer? Or why is it so hard to not check to see if they are dry, which will avoid having to rewash them in the morning because once again they are stinky from being half dried sitting in the dryer all night? I am the right brainer in the family, so as it should be I just don’t get it!

Well “à lundi” as I am off to the eye doctor to see how well I can read my vowels aloud!!!

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