Monday, September 20, 2010

Sad Story

Well this weekend we had a very sad event occur in our house. We found our kitty stiff as a board in the neighbor’s yard. Quite a shock for us all! With no marks, cuts, scraps, blood makes you wonder how the little guy went. This being my first time to loose a furry friend, well one bigger than a hamster. Plus it was the first lesson of death for our little boy. He saw my husband carrying it back from the neighbor’s yard and had a rather confused look on his face as he has never see the cat carried that way before, usually that would be a “no no”. So as he watched the cat be laid on the grass for a quick examination before we put it in a garbage bag, I told my son to say goodbye. I let him pet him one last time and say “bye bye” with a proceeding statement that he was sick and had to go far away with the angels. My husband didn’t really understand what I was thinking when I showed our son the cat and told him to say goodbye. Now a couple days later I now see just how important that cat was to him, which I am really happy that I gave him the chance to say goodbye even if he doesn’t really understand to the full extent. He was used to the cat and its routines, like meowing louder and louder till someone let him out or coming with us when it was story time before bedtime. I heard my son this morning calling the cat’s name before I got out of bed to get him. I believe he understands what happened, or at the least that the cat is never coming back. This makes me sad though. I imagine for my son it’s hard to understand in a way since he lived with him his whole life so far, and me I lived with him for almost my entire time in France. So once the cat grieving is over the decision is, do we get another pet or do we stay petless??? This will be a hot topic another day for sure.

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